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We are happy to announce yet another strategic investor — Kyros Ventures, who will be joining TWO TWO on our journey of blurring the lines between the real and virtual.

Kyros Ventures is a Vietnam-based pioneer of investing in and incubating blockchain and cryptocurrency-based projects with their portfolio containing various blockchain and DeFi startups.

TWO TWO will gain substantial benefits afforded to Kyros Ventures, through the wide range of partnerships built through the Coin68 ecosystem — the leading crypto media outlet in Vietnam with nearly 1 million page views per month. It is safe to say that Kyros Ventures is in prime position to popularise TWO TWO in the Asian markets, much like they have done with other successful blockchain and decentralized finance projects. Apart from Coin68, their partners include Coin98, the largest crypto wallet in Vietnam as well as Black Mamba Ventures and HC Capital, the two largest ‘whale’ trading groups in Vietnam containing approximately 10’000 users each, together delivering up to $200m in monthly trading volumes.

“One of the core pillars of a successful launch is to be in touch with your community. Vietnam can be overlooked for the vital role it has been playing in the crypto world and Kyros Ventures is a perfect partner to reach the Vietnamese community”

 — Avron Goss, Co-Founder TWO TWO

“Kyros Ventures is excited to touch base on the art field, a new aspect to the crypto space. As NFT art is booming 9x in the first 4 months of 2021, we hope to bring the segment to enrich the blockchain ecosystem, especially in the Vietnamese market. Kyros will be helping TWO TWO to expand user’s needs for a digital native asset outside of the artwork physical presentation.”

 — Zane, CEO of Kyros Ventures

About Kyros Ventures

Kyros Ventures is a newly formed conglomerate of the largest Crypto communities in Vietnam. Their specialty is incubating international projects in the Vietnamese market and catapulting them to mass awareness and adoption. They seek to nourish long-term win-win relationships with their clients while delivering exceptional services and ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction at every stage.


TWO TWO is the world’s first Interactive Art Gallery. It resides contemporaneously within the convergence of the actual and the virtual. The work of visionary, established and emerging, artists, is merged with multi-dimensional technology, to promulgate co-existence with illustrative imagination.

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