LVT Capital Backs TWO TWO

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We are happy to announce LVT Capital joining TWO TWO on our journey as strategic investors to help us concrete our reputation as the world’s first Interactive Art Gallery.

LVT Capital has extensive experience in backing blockchain based projects by following a pragmatic investment methodology of only committing capital in easily scalable projects with strong, smart and passionate founding teams, exceptional business models, and defendable USPs. This serves as yet another affirmation for everyone involved for how much potential TWO TWO has in revolutionising the art and decentralised finance markets.

With LVT Capital, not only will TWO TWO benefit from the monetary investment for the development of our upcoming Art DeFi platform, but also from the massive reach of LVT’s network and experience in launching blockchain-based projects, which will complement the capabilities of our team. Furthermore, LVT has invested in various news/media startups, making them the perfect strategic addition to our multifaceted investor base.

“The future is not just on the blockchain, the future is intertwined with real life and the virtual world. This is why we have chosen to invest in TWO TWO, because they combine the best of both worlds and they’re revolutionizing the art world as we know it.”

– Pino Tedesco, CEO of LVT Capital

“Being passionate and committed to transformation and breaking down barriers in the art world is at the core of everything we do, partnering with LVT enables us to accelerate the the delivery ground breaking technology in a centuries old industry”

– Avron Goss, co-founder TWO TWO –

About LVT Capital

Established in Australia, LVT Capital invests in tomorrow’s leaders, blockchain businesses and groundbreaking technology. LTV Capital’s investments include multiple industries, such as fintech, SaaS, Insurtech and crypto media. 


TWO TWO is the world’s first Interactive Art Gallery. It resides contemporaneously within the convergence of the actual and the virtual. The work of visionary, established and emerging, artists, is merged with multi-dimensional technology, to promulgate co-existence with illustrative imagination.

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