How to Purchase a World Cow with BUSD

April 22, 2022
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This walkthrough assumes our readers have already setup their MetaMask Wallet.

If you don’t have a Metamask wallet please visit our Metamask how to guide here.

The following instructions are for Chrome Desktop users. 

Let’s get started!

Purchasing a World Cow on the BSC Network

NOTE: If you do not have the (BSC) Binance Smart Chain Mainnet connected to your MetaMask Wallet scroll down to the section called “Connecting Metamask to the BSC Mainnet”.

If you do not have BUSD or BNB funded within your MetaMask Wallet scroll down to the section called “Funding your Wallet with BUSD on the BSC Mainnet”. 

If you have both the BSC Network added and your wallet funded you may follow the 6 simple steps below to acquire your World Cow NFT.

Step 1: Head over to   

Step 2: Tap the white “CONNECT WALLET” button on the top right corner of the screen. Your MetaMask wallet will pop up and ask you to enter your password to unlock your Wallet. 

Step 3: A small alert will appear letting you know that you need to be on the “BSC Mainnet” in order to properly use the website. Tap the green “Close” button. 

Step 4: Open your MetaMask wallet from your Chrome navigation bar. Tap on “Ethereum Mainnet” at the top of your wallet to open the “Networks” dropdown menu. Select “Binance Smart Chain” (This is the BSC Mainnet). 

Step 5: Once you’re connected to the BSC Mainnet scroll down to the “Mint Your World Cow NFT” section of the website. Enter the number of Cows you’d like to purchase with BUSD and tap on the black “MINT” button.

You will be prompted by MetaMask to grant access to your BUSD in order to complete the transaction. This is a one time process and will cost a small fee. Tap the blue “Confirm” button to continue. 

Shortly after you’ve granted access, another popup will appear from MetaMask with your actual order. Tap the blue “Confirm” button to finalize your order and purchase your first World Cow NFT. 

After purchasing you will see an image pop up thanking you for joining the herd!

Step 6: You’ve officially minted a World Cow NFT!

You can see your World Cow over at:

Tap the blue “Connect Account” button on the top right of the website. 

Select “MetaMask'' and then select the wallet that contains your recent NFT purchase. Tap the blue “Next” button to continue, and tap “Connect”. This will connect the wallet that holds your NFTs with NFTtrade.

Once your account is connected, tap on the circular icon with your wallet address on the top right of the screen. A dropdown menu will appear. Tap on “My NFTs”. 

You will be redirected to your NFT collections and you should now see your first World Cow NFT!

Tap on the World Cow. This will take you to the NFT page where you can see your NFT’s rarity and attributes.

Congratulations, you’re now part of the herd!

Connecting Metamask to the BSC Mainnet

In order to access websites that utilize other blockchain networks via your MetaMask Wallet, we’ll need to manually add the network using a “Custom RPC”. RPC stands for remote procedure call. This allows a client such as MetaMask to interact with a blockchain. 

Let’s get started. 

Step 1: Open your MetaMask wallet from your Chrome navigation bar. Tap on “Ethereum Mainent” at the top of your wallet to open the “Networks” dropdown menu, and tap on “Add Network”.

Step 2: You will be redirected to the “Add a Network” page within the MetaMask settings.

From here enter the follow network information and click the blue “Save” button [Source]:

Network Name: Smart Chain


ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

Step 3: After you’ve connected the Binance Smart Chain network to your MetaMask wallet, you’ll automatically be connected to the network. If you’d like to switch back to the Ethereum network simply tap on the network name at the top of your MetaMask wallet and tap on “Ethereum Mainnet.”

Congratulations you now successfully added the BSC Mainnet to your MetaMask wallet and can access websites that use the Binance Smart Chain network. 

Funding your Wallet with BUSD on the BSC Mainnet

Users on the Binance Smart Chain Network usually transact using two types of tokens - Binance coin (BNB) and Binance U.S Dollar (BUSD).

  • BNB - This is the official trade symbol of the Binance coin issued by the Binance Exchange. The Binance exchange is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. 
  • BUSD - This is the official trade symbol of Binance USD, which is a U.S. regulated stablecoin, fully backed by the U.S. Dollar. 1 BUSD = $1.00 USD.

In order to transact on the Binance Smart Chain Network with your MetaMask wallet, we’ll need to make sure we have both BNB and BUSD tokens added to your wallet.

NOTE: BNB is the default coin on the Binance Smart Chain Network, so this will already be in your wallet after connecting to the network.  

Step 1: Open up your MetaMask wallet and change your network to the BSC Network (Binance Smart Chain).

At the bottom of the wallet tap on “Import Tokens”.

Step 2:  With the “Import Tokens” window now open enter the token address below into the “Token Contract Address” Field:

Token Address:


This will automatically populate the “Token Symbol” and the “Token Decimal”.

Alternatively you can head over to CoinGecko and on the BUSD page click the three dots next to the MetaMask icon within the info section. This will open all the contract addresses associated with each network. 

Click on the MetaMask Icon next to “BNB Smart Chain” to easily add the token to your MetaMask Wallet.

Step 3: After adding the BUSD token to your wallet it’s time to fund your wallet. You can do so by buying BUSD through an exchange. Ideally, you’ll want to create a Binance account and purchase your tokens from the Binance exchange

NOTE: You will also need to purchase BNB tokens if you are making transactions outside the Binance exchange in order to pay for “Gas Fees.”

Step 4: After purchasing your BUSD and BNB, your funds will appear in your Binance Wallet. Tap on the yellow “Go to Wallet” button after your purchase to view your wallet balance. Alternatively you can click on the “Wallet” button on the top left of the menu bar.  

Step 5: From your wallet tap on the 3 dots to the right of your available tokens. This will open a sub-menu. Tap on “Withdraw”. 

Enter the amount of tokens you want to withdraw or hit “Max” next to the token to send the max number of tokens to your MetaMask wallet. After entering the amount make sure that the network is set to “BEP20” which is the Binance Smart Chain network. This will ensure your tokens are sent through the right network - the BSC Network. 

NOTE: Make sure that you are sending your tokens to the correct wallet address which is located at the top of your MetaMask wallet. 

Tap on “Preview Withdrawal” once all the information is properly entered. 

Confirm your Withdrawal. 

You will be prompted to authorize the transfer via text and/or email. 

Once you’ve confirmed the transfer your funds will show up in your wallet within a few minutes. 

Repeat this process for your other purchased tokens.

You’re all set, and should have successfully transferred BNB and BUSD to your MetaMask wallet via the BSC Network. 


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