Nils Hansen
Nils Hansen
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Sculpture Innovation

February 15, 2022
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Nils Hansen, born 1978 to a Norwegian father and South African mother, is an award-winning Crypto Artist and sculptor.

His multidisciplinary approach breaks the boundaries between old and new and fuses them in an unsuspected way. His work explores the tension between the layers of digital imagery comprising various techniques of a more stylized approach to a more realistic outcome. Thought-provoking political pieces have recently been added to his vibrant output.

Painting since young age he originally intended to study in this field.  Deciding to bring craftsmanship and art together he became a stone sculptor. He achieved his Masters in this field, earning him numerous awards and scholarships. He spent two years in Carrara, Italy, in2005 where he refined his skills in the field of marble. Carrara has a two thousand year history for its unique marble material and has been ever since a mecca for sculptors from around the world.

Nils diverse background which fuse broad cultural influences was fostered even more in this surroundings. For many years (2006 onwards) his artistic journey took him around the world to almost 25 symposiums which form a cosmos of inspirational energy. The gathering/community of sculptors travels to cities and communes around the world creating monumental sculptures

In 2009 he received a scholarship to further his studies in Berlin at the Babelsberg Film School studying Digital Film Design with an emphasis on digital modeling. The discovery of modeling software like Zbrush and Maya opened up new horizons in artistic production.

Besides bringing in his knowledge in the Research and Development department of Daimler, presently Nils concentrates his energy on his Crypto Art.

His sculptures have been displayed in public space around the world and his digital works have been collected on the most renown Crypto Art platforms. 

They are featured in the Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA), the Whale collection and bought by other famous collectors like MantaXR, Akira and Xray.

His studio is based in Berlin, Germany.

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Nils Hansen
Nils Hansen
view artist

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