Nick Walker
Nick Walker
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The Vandal

October 1, 2021
New at TWO TWO

An artist who needs no introduction, Nick Walker is a living, breathing icon who began his invasion of the art world during the infamous Bristol graffiti scene of the 1980s.

Nick found himself immersed in a revolutionary time in the UK, marked by a vast desire for change. With unprecedented experimentation in politics, music, and art, 1980s Bristol was a true hotbed out of which rebellious art and creative defiance could thrive and flourish that saw the rise of radical visionaries like David Bowie and, you guessed it, Nick Walker.

Originally hailing from Bristol, Nick Walker has quickly emerged to become one of the most prominent and exciting street artists working today. A veritable visionary and godfather of the 1980s Bristol graffiti scene, Walkerʼs virtuosic spray can technique combined with a unique and meticulous stencil style has inspired an entire generation of street artists all across the globe. His groundbreaking method also relies heavily on the use of pitch-black humor and irony to create multiple layers of meaning in the truly subversive fashion emblematic only of the best street art.

Nick is renowned as one of the world’s most famous artists, occupying a crucial spot in the revolutionary galleries of street art. With a unique and distinctive art style, one can immediately recognize a Nick Walker painting.

Nick has especially become known for his signature character aptly named The Vandal. The Vandal is depicted as a gentleman in a bowler hat, wreaking artistic havoc and disrupting the status quo in cities all across Europe from London to Agra to Paris, wielding nothing but a spray can and a dangerously defiant imagination. The character first appeared in a piece depicting the artist after a night of “painting the town red,” appropriately entitled “The Morning After.” The revolutionist character also went on to appear as the main part of a recent Black Eyed Peas performance video featuring Nickʼs work.

Never one to eschew from controversy both social and political, his renowned piece Coran Can (2010) features veiled Parisian women lifting their skirts salaciously while dancing the cancan, an acerbic statement on President Sarkozyʼs plan to ban the burqa in France. Other brow-raising works depict the Mona Lisa from behind exposing her rear end, with the famously enigmatic smile intact and gazing back at the surprised viewer, her look now transformed from the mysterious to lascivious. Cleverly titled “Mona Lisa,” the prurient piece sold for 54,000 quid at the famous Bonhams Auction House in London, while another solo exhibition of his in Londonʼs Black Rat Gallery ended up selling 750,000 worth of art, with dozens of people camped outside overnight just to get a glimpse of the renegade artistʼs work. Nick is also famously replicated the graffitied streets of New York City for the great Stanley Kubrickʼs final film, Eyes Wide Shut (2000).

Our TWO TWO gallery is excited to add yet another visionary of the street scene to our rapidly growing artist roster of creative disruptors and dissidents, purveyors of the new revolution, Extreme Art.

TWO TWO. Nick Walker. Extreme Art™ . . . Art Without Boundaries

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Nick Walker
Nick Walker
view artist

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