TWO TWO partners with Singapore-based investment powerhouse, NGC Ventures

October 1, 2021
Company News

Singapore-based investment platform NGC Ventures has partnered with TWO TWO!

Founded in 2017, and often seen as a pioneer in the blockchain economy, NGC Ventures is a privately held fund that strategically partners itself with the leading investment specialists and technical developers in the world.

Today, NGC Ventures is one of the largest institutional investors of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

It continues to leverage the massive growth opportunities in the crypto wave by acting as a key contributor to several leading blockchain projects, such as Polkadot’s mission to introduce its robust blockchain technology platform and now TWO TWO’s vision to revolutionize the art world by making the community the gallery through the power of blockchain technology.

Focused on applying and leveraging best practices from the traditional investment world into the crypto space, NGC Ventures has had tremendous success applying its wealth of expertise to over 100 projects, including blockchain initiatives like Avalanche and Algorand.

Staffed with personnel comprising experienced and expert investment professionals with backgrounds in technology, finance, and consulting, NGC is well on its way to becoming one of the most robust investment platforms in the crypto market.

As the NFT space continues to experience explosive growth that even the most seasoned of experts and analysts failed to predict, NGC Ventures no doubt recognizes the massive potential TWO TWO brings.

With its physical gallery in Resorts World, Las Vegas, TWO TWO is quickly solidifying its position as a credible, authoritative influence in the NFT space. With its passion for Extreme Art and expertise in NFT distribution, TWO TWO is a lucrative investment partner that allows NGC Ventures to further diversify its portfolio through valuable exposure to the newest and most exciting blockchain episode, the NFT space.

Mutually, TWO TWO considers NGC Venture’s partnership as an incredibly valuable step forward. TWO TWO Co-founder and De-Fi veteran Avron Goss had this to say:

“With its deep experience in the blockchain space and strategic access to the Asian market, including Singapore and China, NGC Ventures is a powerful new ally that will help us further solidify TWO TWO’s bottom line.”

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