TWO TWO Partners with World Cow

January 17, 2022
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We’re all spots on the same cow™

TWO TWO is proud to announce our partnership with World Cow in support of its worthy cause to jointly expand the global “moo-vement” into the metaverse.

World Cow’s mission is to unite the world through kindness, demolishing superficial barriers and bringing humanity together with the common goal of making the world a better place for ALL. To accomplish this, we must not only learn about each others’ differences, but celebrate them as well!

Thus, TWO TWO and World Cow are thrilled to start a generative art project based on the World Cow. Our goal- to bolster the online community and raise money for community-based charities across the globe. 

“D.J. Barry’s commitment to making the world a better place is genuine, palpable and infectious. We are delighted to help him facilitate the World Cow cause.”

- Avron Goss, Co-Founder TWO TWO -

We will initially raise charity through the sale of World Cow NFTs, while at the same time creating an engaging and rewarding experience for all World Cow NFT holders. 

About World Cow

In 2015, acclaimed artist D.J Barry founded the incredibly impactful “Cows For A Cause” campaign. What began as a painting of a snapshot of a Holstein cow in Vermont soon transformed into the renowned World Cow organization, which continues to change the world for the better, one painted cow at a time. The organization started by donating all its art sales to Vermont-based non-profits, then quickly evolved into an entire movement that promotes compassion and unity across the globe. By growing his charity into something larger than the U.S. or any individual country, Barry realized his life-long dream of uniting the world in the ever-important cause of making life better for all of humanity.

Today, World Cow has over 130,000 followers and can be found in over 30 countries as a network of street artists that have come together to promote their message of love. They fundraise and support a variety of charities worldwide, including a nonprofit in Dehradun, India, providing refreshments, art supplies and apparel to children living in poverty. They work with a nonprofit in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, teaching remote villages how to make public art and the positive impact growing the arts can have in their communities.

World Cow recently painted a 44’ x 66’ World Cow, the largest cow in the world, in Sunnyside, Washington. They have a giant 20’ x 30’ inflatable World Cow that they install at popup events around the USA and now hope to enter it into the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC. 

They have partnered with schools and universities across the globe to help bring World Cows global movement into the classroom and teach students the value of making artwork that can also deliver a positive message. They invite everyone to participate into their global movement by sending them the designs and instructions they need to make their own World Cow street art.

Facebook/Instagram: @worldcow
Tik Tok: @world_cow

Please visit TWO TWO for all the latest info. on this global reaching project!

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