TWO TWO Releasing Exclusive NFTs Through Binance NFT

October 1, 2021
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TWO TWO is proud to announce a strategic alliance with Binance NFT. The companies will launch exclusive, limited, and extremely rare NFT portfolios. Primarily composed of Extreme Art™ which includes meticulously curated street, urban and pop art. The NFTs will represent extraordinary acquisitions created by artists who do not generally exhibit their work other than in exclusive and private galleries. Their work can still occasionally be found in some dark underground or the side of a building from early graffiti “tagging,” long before fame.

TWO TWO Art Gallery
TWO TWO Art Gallery

The project dovetails perfectly into the Binance Genesis Collection as it is a continuum of the art movement that started with Andy Warhol. The torch has been passed to TWO TWO’s contemporary artists who are this generation’s Warhol, Basquiat, Dali, and Haring. The pieces are being created or enhanced exclusively for this strategic alliance. The artists collaborate with TWO TWO to expand their vision through motion, augmented reality, and virtual reality. This also includes digitizing and developing 3D images of some of the world’s best contemporary sculptures.

Additionally, TWO TWO will work with Binance NFT to launch the FLASHBACK Series. There will be monthly auctions of never-before-seen images of the greatest classic rock artists ever to take the stage. This includes Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, The Who, and many others that performed at the iconic Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. The images will be digitized versions of never printed photographic negatives exclusively provided to TWO TWO by the photographer’s estate. The negatives are held in a vault and are in mint condition. So long as reserves are met, the winner of each auction will also receive the negative. These images are priceless pieces of rock history and all applicable rights will enure to the winner as well.

TWO TWO Flashback Series
TWO TWO Flashback Series

As part of the strategic alliance, Binance NFT will have the opportunity to display digital art in the TWO TWO Gallery opening in Resorts World in Las Vegas this Fall. Resorts World, a Genting Property, is the newest and most lavish property on the strip.

TWO TWO and Binance NFT will truly blur all the lines between gallery, virtual and digital artwork. TWO TWO’s gallery and access to Extreme Art™ and Binance’s reach into the crypto communities makes this an industry disruptive partnership.

TWO TWO and Binance NFT . . . Art without boundaries.

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Company News



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