TWO TWO Token Distribution Roadmap

October 1, 2021
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As we prepare for our X22 token launch, we want to clearly outline key milestones regarding TWO TWO’s future and more importantly, the exciting role you play in it.

Keep in mind:

  • We’ve also gone ahead and compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of the page if you don’t feel like reading through this entire post.
  • Make sure to bookmark this page as we will keep it constantly updated with everything you need to know.

So let’s get started!

Latest Update

We’ve decided to move forward with the launch of our X22 tokens as business is going strong despite the recent downward fluctuation of cryptocurrencies. Below are key highlights for your reference.

Resorts World Las Vegas

  • We’ve secured a 5-year lease for a 3,700 square foot space for our gallery in Resorts World, Las Vegas.
  • Designs for the gallery have been finalized.
  • We’re in the final phases of securing permits and are thrilled to get started!
  • We remain on schedule for our galleries’ grand opening in September 2021.

Artists We’ve Secured

  • With the help of our uniquely situated gallery, we’ve secured representation for several established and emerging artists such as Burton Morris, Nick Walker, Mr. Brainwash, Jill Berelowitz, and many more.
  • We’ve gathered a solid, unique collection of Extreme Art that is highly unlikely to be found in any other gallery.
  • We continue to sign incredibly talented artists as our core appeal to Extreme Art fans and collectors grows more and more compelling.

Our ‘Flashback’ Event

  • Through a partnership with the Nelson Brothers (Platinum Record Rock Stars), we’ve secured a collection of never before printed negatives from the iconic 1967 Monterey Pop festival.
  • The collection includes negatives of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Who, and many others.
  • We’ll be releasing a series of extremely rare 1 of 1 NFTs for 12 unique photos, starting with Jimi Hendrix.
  • If a buyer spends $2 Million, they’ll also obtain the negative.
  • Meanwhile, other negatives will be auctioned as limited edition NFTs and physical prints establishing us as a credible marketplace in the Rock Icon collectibles market.

Our New Binance NFT Partnership

  • We’ve secured a partnership with Binance NFT.
  • They will feature our NFTs on a monthly basis, including promotions on their social media accounts.
  • Our first launch with Binance NFT begins with two 1 of 1 works by Nick Walker on July 28th, followed by the Jimi Hendrix auction.
  • We’re also in talks with Binance to host a joint TWO TWO / Binance PR event at our gallery once it opens, which will serve to boost our partnership.

Platform Development

We’ve built our website and will add the following functionalities for our community:

  • Hosted Nodes that will enable X22 Staking will launch just before listing.
  • Liquidity Provision Rewards will launch shortly after, allowing liquidity providers for X22 tokens on Uniswap and Pancake Swap to mine X22 tokens and NFT drops.
  • Our eCommerce Store is also launching soon, enabling the sale of physical artworks available in the gallery.


  • Despite challenging market conditions, we’re proceeding with our listing.
  • Kindly bear in mind that we’ve decided two months ago to make adjustments to vesting by reducing our market cap at launch from $975k to $715k.
  • Further reductions are not tenable as they would not release sufficient tokens for investors.

X22 Staking

  • X22 staking will be possible on a platform via our website shortly.
  • For those who wish to provide liquidity on Uniswap or Pancake Swap, we will have a liquidity provider reward program beginning shortly.

When Is The Listing?

The listing will take place on Monday, 26th July at 3pm UTC.

We will be listing on:

  • Uniswap — ETH/X22 pair.
  • Pancake Swap — BNB/X22 pair.

We will release the contract addresses an hour or two before the event.

BSCpad IDO — You will need to claim your tokens on the platform.

MantraDao IDO — We will be sending out your tokens.

We cannot begin to express our appreciation for having you as part of our X22 community. We remain fully committed to fulfilling our passion for building and delivering Extreme Art to art investors worldwide.

Past Updates

What Have We Done So Far?

We have completed our seed, private and strategic X22 token sales!

We have finalized designs for our glamorous art gallery in Resorts World, Las Vegas with construction scheduled to start soon!

We have secured an incredibly talented group of Extreme Artists including icons like Nick Walker and Denis Ouch.

We have begun dropping Exclusive, jaw-dropping NFTs!

While we’re SUPER excited about all the progress we’ve made and can’t wait to get started, we must also protect your investment from turbulence within the market.

Alright, so let’s talk about the future!

What’s Coming Next?

  • More NFT airdrops!
  • Our much anticipated Token Generation Event (TGE.)

NFT and X22 Token Airdrops

  • While we have delayed our TGE, the business continues to operate normally.
  • This will be made available to anyone who is whitelisted with us!
  • Winners are chosen randomly!
  • We will continue to do this from time to time.

Special NFT Airdrops for X22 Public Buyers

  • We will randomly distribute NFTs to addresses that participate in the public offering.
  • These are likely to include some higher value NFTs as we want to recognize community members that invest in us.
  • It does not matter how many tokens you buy, everyone will have an equal chance.
  • An announcement of the winners will be made and distribution will occur after the TDE.

Alan Teitel 8000 X22 Giveaway and Viral Match NFT Collection!

It is not too late to participate!

We’re giving away:

  • 1,000 X22 tokens each to the top 3 buyers.
  • 5,000 X22 tokens to be shared amongst buyers who spend at least 0.19 ETH.

While the original auction is over, you can still make an offer at OpenSea: (

More details of this giveaway can be found in our Medium article:

Winners will be announced just before the TGE, and X22 tokens will be distributed according to the public vesting schedule. This also applies to other promotional X22 airdrops.

X22 Token and the Contract Address

The X22 tokens have not been minted yet and therefore there is no smart contract address.

Note that at the time of the start of the MantraDAO IDO, we had tokens and a bridge in place, but in order to protect X22 holders from arbitrage bots at launch, we’ve decided to avoid using those tokens for the time being.

Please rest assured that MantraDAO and TWO TWO will ensure everyone gets their tokens. The contract address will be published at TDE and posted here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which launchpads is TWO TWO currently working on?

For now, just the MantraDAO. BSCPad will be added soon.

Is the MantraDAO made available to the public?

No. Public sales are CLOSED.

Is TWO TWO Working On Additional IDO’s?

Yes. BSCPad will be next.

When is TWO TWO’s X22 TGE?

We will inform the community once a date is confirmed. It has been delayed slightly due to market conditions.

Will X22 holders have access to special NFT airdrops?

Yes. Winners will be announced when they occur. The first drop is scheduled for July 19th, 2021.

Is there an active giveaway we can participate in?

Currently, there is an Alan Teitel 8000 X22 and Viral Match NFT Collection Giveaway! (See link to Medium Article.)

What Is The Contract Address For My X22 Tokens?

The X22 tokens have not yet been minted and therefore there is no smart contract address as of now. The MantraDAO contract address is a dummy token address we will use to control the MantraDAO IDO.

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