ZENDIT Gets Ready To Add TWO TWO To Its Launch Pad

October 1, 2021
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TWO TWO is partnering with Zendit, MANTRA DAO’s latest development, to further its exposure to the digital asset community by listing our tokens — X22 on the Zendit launchpad.

MANTRA DAO is an established community-controlled DeFi platform with strong partnerships with many of the fastest-growing projects in the market. Their latest development, Zendit, enables its partners to meet their token launch goals by providing them with all necessary tools, resources, and marketing support.

Prior to launching on the Zendit platform, all projects have to pass a rigorous vetting process to ensure only the highest tier of projects get listed. This gives us TWO TWO additional confidence in our project and reaffirms our vision of becoming the leading art DeFi platform, empowering emerging artists while providing value to our token holders.

TWO TWO will benefit from listing on the Zendit platform by gaining exposure to yet another community of digital asset enthusiasts, spreading awareness about our project, and using the proceeds from the listing to further the development of our platform.

“Crypto is all about pushing boundaries and Two Two is doing just that in a big way. Many of us in this industry see ourselves as trailblazers and can recognize others who are of the same mind. For me, Two Two is definitely one of them. 

 — John Patrick Mullin, Co-founder and Council Member MANTRA DAO

“Zendit’s rigorous approach to launching projects will help ensure an efficient and fair distribution of X22 tokens to the community.”

 —  Avron Goss, co-founder TWO TWO

About Zendit, MANTRA DAO

MANTRA DAO is a community-controlled DeFi platform that gives users access to staking, lending, and governance tools. MANTRA leverages the crowd’s wisdom to create a transparent and decentralized ecosystem. Built on Parity Substrate for the Polkadot ecosystem, MANTRA DAO aims to give financial control back to the people to store and grow wealth together. ZENDIT, their token launchpad, utilizes a decentralized fixed swapping protocol that provides transparency on the number of tokens offered during a token launch as well as neutralizing the risk of bad actors artificially inflating a token’s price before dumping.


TWO TWO is the world’s first Interactive Art Gallery. It resides contemporaneously within the convergence of the actual and the virtual. The work of visionary, established, and emerging artists, is merged with multi-dimensional technology, to promulgate co-existence with illustrative imagination.

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