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Originally hailing from Bristol, Nick Walker has quickly emerged to become one of the most prominent and exciting street artists working today. A veritable visionary and godfather of the 1980s Bristol graffiti scene, Walkerʼs virtuosic spray can technique combined with a unique and meticulous stencil style has inspired an entire generation of street artists all across the globe. His groundbreaking method also relies heavily on the use of pitch black humor and irony to create multiple layers of meaning in the truly subversive fashion emblematic only of the best street art.


Exclusive artwork released by Nick Walker

Nick Walkers Amour Plated

Amour Plated

Nick Walker

tt artwork Nick Walker headless stars

Headless Stars

Nick Walker

tt artwork Nick Walker aftermath 2


Nick Walker

Nick Walkers V 4 Vandal 1

V For Vandal

Nick Walker

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