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Steven Meistrich Profile Picture

Steven Meistrich


Steven is a entrepreneur, provocateur and serial philanthropist. His career is focused on creating and developing start-up and mid-sized companies from seed financing to monetization via acquisition or IPO. His portfolio is entertainment companies with licensed properties and / or patented technology. 

Stacey Mates Profile Picture

Stacey Maites


Stacey has a long distinguished career in sales focused on driving revenue, branding and innovation on a global scale. Her passion for art and music includes a wide range of genres and can now fuse her work experience and passions to next level customer experiences.

Avron Goss Profile Picture

Avron Goss


Avron has had spent his career transforming and building successful businesses. Most recently he spent a number of years providing strategic advice to blockchain startups in the security token and DeFi space.


Christopher Rivera

Digital Marketer

Social media and brand design consultant. Experienced in helping established businesses grow their share of voice and digital presence.

Mathew Armstrong​

Tech Strategist

Innovative technology accelerator and strategist. Experienced and seasoned consultant for industry focused blockchain startups.

Thomas Richter

Marketing Strategist

Strategist in developing and marketing projects that utilize patented technology for bringing music and art to the European Market.

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