TWO TWO and Polygon Strategic Alliance

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We are happy to announce a strategic alliance with Polygon. Much like TWO TWO combines the virtual with tangible, maintaining the best features of both worlds, Polygon provides a gateway between Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

TWO TWO will utilize the flexibility of Polygon technology to offer cross-chain trading of NFTs in our platform. By doing so, TWO TWO will, once again, break down barriers and prove its position as a true disruptor in the space of digital and physical art.

Polygon will use this as an opportunity to showcase the impressive capabilities of its cross-chain solution and accelerate the adoption of decentralized protocols by providing the means to easily and affordably, without compromise, develop and maintain the next generation of decentralized applications.

“The NFT ecosystem on Polygon is rapidly growing, and we’re thrilled to have Two Two’s NFT Infrastructure enable artists, creators, and games to mint NFTs at affordable costs and improve user experiences.”

– Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder, Polygon

“TWO TWO cannot ignore the burden of escalating gas fees on the Ethereum network which creates unnecessary friction in traces. Polygon’s use of commit chains makes transactions faster and cheaper making trading NFTs more cost-effective to buyers globally. It is little wonder we are seeing adoption of Polygon in the DeFi market.”

– Avron Goss, Co-Founder, TWO TWO

TWO TWO will integrate Polygon into its V2 platform which will enable artists to mint NFTs at a fraction of the price as compared to those on Ethereum. This will support our strategic objective of enabling emerging artists to remove barriers to showcasing their work on the global stage.

With the Ethereum network gaining more users, the cost of transacting and minting NFTs becomes a lot less affordable with the throughput of transactions remaining low. TWO TWO will utilize the Polygon protocol to scale its NFT offering without the excessive fees using the Ethereum chain. Furthermore, Polygon’s multi-chain interoperability and ease of implementation will give TWO TWO the flexibility to build the future of art and adjust rapidly to the latest developments in the blockchain space — for example, by offering NFTs on the Polygon — OpenSea bridge.

About Polygon

The team at Polygon envision an open, borderless world. A world in which people and machines collaborate and exchange value globally and freely, without gatekeepers or intermediaries. A world in which communities thrive, unconstrained by artificial borders and archaic regulations.



TWO TWO is the world’s first Interactive Art Gallery. It resides contemporaneously within the convergence of the actual and the virtual. The work of visionary, established and emerging artists, is merged with multi-dimensional technology, to promulgate co-existence with illustrative imagination.

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