TWO TWO partners with The Illusion Factory to enhance its digital gallery with augmented NFTs

October 1, 2021
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TWO TWO is excited to announce its newest creative alliance with The Illusion Factory!

Since 1979, The Illusion Factory has managed over $7 Billion in marketing spend for multiple Forbes 500 businesses and secured 265 awards for its creative works.

As a world-class marketing powerhouse with experience promoting the largest entertainment properties in the film, broadcast, and gaming space, The Illusion Factory adds a creative and interactive element to TWO TWO’s marketing arsenal.

TWO TWO recognizes the substantial benefits of having a team of creative and technical geniuses collaborating on its projects.

Their contributions will support the promotion of our gallery in Resorts World as well as help us leverage proprietary technologies that bolster our digital gallery with augmented NFTs to provide our community with enhanced access, interaction and engagement.

TWO TWO Co-Founder Steven Meistrich adds,

As the Illusion Factory works with TWO TWO to disrupt the art industry’s established business model, we affirm our commitment to the crypto community and our brick-and-mortar clients while helping our circle of Extreme Artists expand their reach.

The Illusion Factory will leverage TWO TWO’s expertise and substantial following in the NFT space to connect with a rapidly expanding and highly sought after market, allowing it to showcase its state of-the-art technology marketing platform, Sizzle.

According to The Illusion Factory Founder and Chairman Brian Weiner,

“TWO TWO is a perfect partner for The Illusion Factory to showcase the extensive, cutting-edge interactivity and versatility that our Sizzle platform provides, giving us an even greater foothold in our expansion within the NFT marketplace.

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Company News


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